Combine Breath with Movement and Repeat

We are coming into the most hectic time of year. It can be a beautiful but challenging time for many people. 

I hope you take some moments to slow down, often, and to use your practices to tap into your own wisdom-body. 

I believe that this is more important now than ever. Kali Yuga, or Mara, with his three hindrances, seems to rule the world: greed, hatred, and delusion. These behaviors are in full swing, everywhere.

I feel the anger in my own heart and the powerlessness, as everything that I hold dear is destroyed and sold to the highest bidder. It's maddening!

So, I use my practice - not to attain some goal or ideal, or even to improve myself - but as a way to be present, fully. To feel and release my grief; to feel my deep joy at being alive despite everything that is happening; to tap into what really matters. 

I spoke about this all throughout my recent tour by asking the question: How do you tap into your bliss body?

The formula is really quite simple.

Combine breath with movement and repeat. 

Make the movement simple. Make the breath precise. Repeat as many times as your mind needs to let go so you can drop into a different plane of being, where things are simply energy, color, sensation, and feeling. Get reset in the timelessness of this place and come back from there nourished and clear. 

Do it every day. Not to achieve something, but to refill your tanks.

I wish you a wonderful end of year and holiday season.