Reset & Renew

Happy Spring!

Spring is a good time for a reset and for renewal. I just completed an eight-day fast where I only consumed liquids, mostly in the form of vegetable juice, coconut water, and broth. I haven’t attempted this severe form of cleansing for awhile so I forgot how much I like it. It is basically a crash course in learning how to let go.

As we let go of our physical cravings fasting forces us to look at our mental and emotional clinging, giving these tendencies much needed scrutiny, which helps us determine if these habits are worth keeping.

Recently I listened to one of the doTERRA life coaches and was reminded of how much power the unconscious mind has over us, as opposed to our will power. The course of our days is mostly determined by our unconscious (90 percent or even more) versus our will power (10 percent). So, no matter how great your willpower is, unless we learn how to create new pathways in the brain, it cannot overcome your powerful unconscious mind.

There are many ways to create new pathways, though!

For example, learning a new language can light up new neurons and channels in the brain, facilitating doing things differently and moving away from the same old patterns.

Another way is to pair an oil or scent with an intention, and “reminding” your brain of this new mode at least three times a day by smelling that particular scent.

Yet another approach is to learn how to use your negative patterns to move you forward, which takes some skill. Before we can learn how to use this to create movement forward we have to use mindful attention just to realize that we HAVE a negative pattern. 

I encourage you to try a day or more of fasting. Stay present with all of your cravings; even keep a journal. Watch your desires come and go. Notice, with each day, how you become lighter and clearer. When you start eating again make sure to re-enter very slowly. Be present with what you choose to eat and also, allow yourself to feel the gratitude that will inevitably be present when first eating again.

A few practical suggestions:

When fasting keep things moving (literally) by taking a mild laxative (Dr. Schulz for example), and by taking some extra form of fiber (psyllium husks) with plenty of water.

Some people like to add a colonic during or toward the end of their fast.

Stay with liquids. You can add some coconut water for variation, some vegetable bouillon, and peppermint tea. Add some lemon juice (or a drop of lemon oil) to your water.

Drink plenty of water, as you will be vulnerable to dehydration.

If you are working with the oils, you can add Zendocrine to your diffuser and some of the other oils that work to eliminate and release (Grapefruit, Slim and Sassy, Helichrysum, Rosemary, Coriander, and Peppermint for freshness).

Expect to feel irritable, headachy, and otherwise poorly for the first three days or so. 

To exercise your intuition, choose two scents that are particularly appealing. (I used Balance and Bergamot). Make a roll-on bottle with 8 - 10 drops of each, and pair it with a strong intention of what you would like to see happen in your life. Use the mix on your pulse points, the back of the neck, and your heart, at least three times a day.

Continue for at least seven days to override any tendency to sabotage yourself. After you have chosen your scents, read and study up on them. You will be surprised how fitting your findings most likely will be!

Happy cleansing.