The Art of Awakening

Welcome to yoga and dharma. In the following pages you will be introduced to practices that help quiet the mind, open the heart, and liberate the body. This manual is mostly useful in conjunction with an intensive training or immersion. It is a companion and reminder of the direct trans- mission that happens when we commit ourselves fully to a period of serious sadhana (spiritual practice) with a teacher and within a supportive, like-minded community, or sangha.

The goal in life, and of all spiritual practices, is to realize our full potential. There is nothing more satisfying than finding our true authentic voice and giving our unique gifts to our loved ones and the world.

While this sounds simple, it is not all that easy to do. Through our conditionings and wounds we tend to perpetuate what is called samsara, the wheel of suffering. The Buddha’s first noble truth is that life is suffering. It is also joy and deep happiness, yet without the proper tools we may not find a way out of our suffering.

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