Yoga and the Dharma of Hope


“To live with hope in the face of so much planetary anguish and societal breakdown is one of the most challenging and most important issues of our times,” says John Robbins, author of Diet for a New America. He and yoga and dharma teacher Katchie Ananda have joined together to teach and work for a brighter future. Katchie and John believe that the practice of yoga can be a path not just to greater physical flexibility and health, but also to greater emotional resilience and a quality of inner peace that can enable you to engage creatively with suffering – your own and that of others – in these troubled times.

Katchie will lead sessions of yoga and dharma, while John will share tools of creative writing and specific steps you can take to create a positive life path regardless of the obstacles and setbacks you’re facing. As someone who has overcome many painful life events himself, he will help you walk your true path with less frustration and fear, and with more compassion and hope.

Wherever you are on the spectrum of experience, you’ll find support, inspiration, and practical tools to more fully and passionately inhabit your body, mind, and spirit. Please bring a yoga mat.