The Art of Awakening

The Art of Awakening - Yoga & Dharma book is now available for purchase.

"Katchie Ananda is a joyful, wise, inspiring, and skilled teacher, and her spirit and Dharma gifts shine through The Art of Awakening." -Jack Kornfield. Author of A Path With Heart.

"In this book Katchie Ananda offers us much more than a yoga and meditation instruction manual, although it is one of the very best of those. What is also being offered here is a way of life, presented with a mix of philosophy, stories, and poetry, told in a narrative that is overflowing with wisdom, good humor and compassion. Brilliant! Nurturing! Life-affirming! This is a gem on everyone’s path." - Wes “Scoop” Nisker, Senior teacher at Sprit Rock Meditation Center.

The Art of Awakening on TINT

This plan will lead successively through the body and will align things in a proper way in order to let energy flow and to give you a sense of wellbeing. You can repeat the sessions as you wish and they will be absolutely safe for any level. Whether you’ve never done yoga before or you are an experienced yogi.

Just give it a go. Your body will feel amazing and at ease because you are not stressing it. You will discover the formula of bliss throughout these sessions and will feel the benefits. Learn how to do internal practices to ignite your inner fire and passion! 

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Heart to Heart with Shakti Sundari

The message is a clarion call both to yogis and men and women everywhere, to embrace the body as an ally, live the spiritual in the every day, master the mind and yet live from the heart.

Training your mind, by naming what is-Yoga teacher Katchie Ananda on Awakening

Jannecke  from "Wisdom from North" interviews Katchie in Bali on the art of awakening and on naming and seeing thoughts and emotions, instead of trying to silence the mind!

Life comes full circle for J in this conversation with Katchie Ananda, his first ever and beloved teacher. They talk about early times when the NY yoga scene was just burgeoning, Katchie's move away from NY to Colorado to study with Richard Freeman, her time in Anusara and relationship to John Friend, and the dharma path that she is following today. They touch base on how things have changed in their practice and teaching over the years, and the need for "all hands on deck" given the challenges of our current political environment.

Love of plant medicine - doTerra

Some of you know of my love affair with essential oils. Chances are you'll get a taste or sniff of them if you come to one of my workshops. They are divine and I'm happy to be able to help distribute this plant medicine around the world.

My favorite diffuser combo :

  • Frankincense: The oil of Truth - helps with abandonment issues and with abnormal cell growth

  • Myrrh: The oil of Mother Earth - helps with feeling safe in the world and is also helps with abnormal cell growth

  • Clary Sage: The oil of Clarity & Vision - helps with creativity (so true!)

  • Spearmint: The oil of Confidence, just adds that delectable quality to the mix