“Katchie creates an environment of realness, an environment where you can step onto the mat and expand into your body, breathe into all the places in the shadows. The laughter she brings shakes out stories of limitation like shaking out your old dusty rugs. Nobody is spared under the gaze of Katchies teachings, there is no corner to hide in because none is needed. There is permission to come exactly as you are and celebrate that place. The blend and mixture of ancient teachings, modern antidotes, precise physical instruction and hysterical Katchie-isms make your body a comfortable, easeful place to inhabit.” - Skeeter Barker


“Katchie is a unique blend of possibility and practicality. She weaves Divine Inspiration with great humanity and often infectious humor. She parallels the yoga experience on the mat with the human journey in the world. She is a place where everyone is not only welcome but encouraged to come with all of who they are. She is the space of unconditional love, joy, and growth. Katchie grounds the spiritual with the practical, offering tools through the union of mind, body, spirit and heart to be a more joy-filled, empowered person in the world." - Julia Butterfly Hill

“Katchie Ananda is an inspiring and immensely popular yoga teacher. I think the reason so many of her students love her classes and feel so awakened by her teaching is that she helps them to connect with themselves, with their inner wisdom, and with their ability to live with purpose and passion. She is phenomenally gifted at what she does, and the students who attend her classes are fortunate indeed.” - John Robbins


“Katchies’ favorite color is purple, but she doesn’t teach Lavender Yoga!”

“Get Real. Get Yoga. Get Katchie” - Angel Kyodo Williams

“Unpretentious and with a lot of humor, Katchie Ananda brings her incredibly deep and extensive knowledge of yoga to her students. From the many great traditions that she has studied for over 20 years, she developed her own conclusions and is able to convey these in a clear and surprising way. In her classes, students laugh, cry and sometimes even eat some chocolate. Students always leave feeling more uplifted and inspired then when they came.” - Milena Moser

“In an era when there is so much need for grounding in our bodies, minds, emotions, and spirit, we are blessed to have teachers such as Katchie Ananda among us. She shares the wisdom of traditional practices hand in hand with the practical application to our daily lives. Through her stories and humor we are reminded that we are all simply human.” - Evon Peter