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The Sacred Journey - Yoga, Dharma & Shamanism

The Sacred Journey - 30 hr Immersion Part 1
Yoga, Dharma and Shamanism

Yoga and dharma are both art as well as science, and this training focuses on awakening the heart and mind as well as liberating the body from misalignment and tension. Shamanism is a practice that taps into the unconscious mind in order to interact with the sacred mystery that underlies everything. Using shamanistic technique, we will listen for and call on our animal protectors, as well as other benevolent guardians in order to learn how to be in communication and harmony with all of creation.

Many of us sabotage our efforts to be happy with destructive, habitual patterns. We will use these spiritual traditions to incline ourselves towards happiness and freedom, like the setting of a compass.

This immersion is perfect for teachers and students ready to create change and cultivate a deep commitment to self-evolution.

Specific Themes:

  • Principles of Asana practice: How to practice “smart yoga”
  • Yoga Philosophy: How to make sense of complicated teachings
  • Wise Living: Learn the tools from the Buddhist perspective
  • Shamanistic Journey
  • Dharma and Forgiveness Practices
  • Tantric Philosophy
  • Vipassana and Pranayama
  • Vinyasa and Restorative Practice
  • The role of Chanting in practice
  • Take home work to continue the process outside of the studio.

30 Hrs Yoga Immersion
Part 1 (June) and Part 2 (November) are based on each other and together form the 30 Hrs immersion.

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