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The Art of Awakening - Yoga & Dharma Intensive

This Intensive is suitable as a 17-hour free-standing study for teachers and serious students willing to deepen their understanding of yoga and dharma. Taught in German.

Mindfulness is the great medicine. Training the mind is a necessity because the mind makes a poor master but a great servant. We are training the mind so it doesn’t wander all over the place, and so we can focus on what really matters.
Through the discipline of sitting regularly, we can learn to trust and rely on our experience. When we find ourselves restless or sad, we learn how to slow down and pay attention. Often there is a valuable message that we need to hear. To face directly what is at the core of our difficulty is the true medicine and will allow us to find new ways of relating to the problem. Since facing ‚what is’ does not exactly come naturally to us, we need to train ourselves and practice until we remember to do it when we are in the grip of a negative emotion or thought pattern.
Mindfulness is based on attention. Everything thrives on attention. It is a deep need that all of creation shares. We want to be seen, heard, and, ultimately, loved for who we are!
According to the Buddha, in order to help us train the mind to stay in the present moment, we can distinguish four foundations of mindfulness.

Immerse yourself in this special training to:

  • Establish the practice of mindfulness
  • Get to know the four foundations of mindfulness
  • Advance your yoga and vipassana practice
  • Practice skills to deal with difficult emotions and thoughts
  • Immerse in Loving Kindness practices
  • Find inner freedom

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