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Liberate the body & stretch the mind

Oh wondrous creatures, by what strange miracle do you so often not smile? —Hafiz

Many of us are amazed when we read the latest scientific discovery about the size of the cosmos or the workings of biological evolution, but few of us know how to bring that sense of wonder and delight into our lives. In this workshop, we will make creative use of classic Buddhist meditation practices and Anusara yoga to help us embody the amazement of being alive and human.

This workshop combines the traditional practice of Buddhist mindfulness meditation with sessions based on Anusara yoga. Periods of meditation will alternate with yoga, allowing the techniques to support each other and create a sense of mind-body connection, vitality and well-being. The weekend will provide ample time for discussion and interviews, as well as attention to individual challenges. There will also be talks, an exploration of Buddhist and yogic philosophy, as well as plenty of poetry and good humor.

The workshop is appropriate for both experienced and beginning students of mindfulness meditation or yoga. Please bring a yoga mat.


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Later Event: April 17
Liberate the Body, Stretch the Mind